Put a personal trainer in your pocket with Intelitrainer, the first iPhone Fitness App that learns about you as you work out.

  • Designed by professional elite trainer Michael George.

  • Intelitrainer creates a new personally-tailored workout each time you use it.

  • All of our approximately 400 exercises have video demonstrations.

  • Many unique, custom exercises not available in other apps.

  • Multiple workout goal types are supported (Reduce Body Fat, Tone & Sculpt, Cardio Health, Build Muscle) as well as fitness skill level (beginner to advanced).

  • Intelitrainer adjusts automatically to your skill level in order to keep the workouts challenging but not impossible.

  • Create your own workout from scratch or based upon an intelitrainer workout (i.e. lunchtime crunch, weekend routine, etc.)

  • The Workout Log keeps track of your workout history and weight.

  • Interface is designed to be easy to use in a gym.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.

“The videos are very clear so I can be sure I am doing the exercises correctly. Highly recommended!”
– penguinsandbugs

“I lost 30lbs using this app!”
– Ryan M.

“I am not a workout fanatic and this app is great! It is super easy to use and gives me great exercises to follow.”
– Name793

“I love the descriptions and the videos help tremendously. The equipment feature is great… It feels very personal and customizable.”
– Calvin P.

“This is the best exercise app that I have tried… every time I use it, my workouts get a little more challenging.”
– MikeLL1978

Where can I get support?

You can receive support for your techincal and fitness-related questions by going to our support site, which is located here.

Just Beginning?

The Intelitrainer® is great for beginners. It will pick a balanced routine and walk you through each exercise with clear demonstration videos.
Experienced Fitness Buff?

With hundreds of different exercises in its library, the Intelitrainer® is great for experienced fitness buffs who want variety and challenge. The Intelitrainer® builds the challenge with your skill level.

At Home, or in the Gym?

You can tell the Intelitrainer® which equipment you have, and from this list the app will select exercises that you can do.

The library of exercises include routines that require various items of specialty workout equipment found in most gyms, as well as exercises using more traditional items such as dumbells, ankle weights, and the Swiss Ball.
Is it for Men or Women?

The Intelitrainer® has a vast library of exercises, many of which are specific to men or women. When you fill out the profile section of the app, it will select some of the exercises based upon your gender, along with basing its selections on your fitness goals and skill level.

Get the Intelitrainer® PRO or Lite and start your workout routine today!